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One fine morning a Doctor lady came to our Orphan home, with a little girl along with, she narrated a story which really shook us. One day a bus driver when driving from Kollegal to Bangalore city, on the way going through a remote village area, he heard a baby cry early in the morning on the road side. Being a father he stopped the bus and what he saw really amazed him. There was a little baby girl newly born (not even washed), there was a dog, trying to eat this baby, but there was a cow which was chasing the dog, and protecting this baby girl. He took the baby wrapped on his turban, and gave the baby to one of the mother on the bus, when he reached Bangalore, he knew that this lady doctor who is not even married cares for orphan infants until the baby grew up to become 5 years old, this doctor heard about our Orphan Home and brought this girl along with, telling this story in tears, she asked us if we could take care of her, we gave her the assurance. For such children only we have started this home. This girl named Surekha, grew up to be a young lady and got married, today she has two beautiful children.
Monova N.